Thank You PTSA!!!

I have an amazing promethean board (electronic white board system) in my room and the students are really impressed. I have also received funds almost every year for lab equipment needs.

Some parents have given directly to me. I have kept the Robotics club running solely on the generous donations of our parents and student fundraising. Also, as a hands-on class, I am constantly replacing broken equipment and greatly appreciate all the generosity which allows the class to continue to run smoothly.

Contact Information


How Parents can help

Class Wish List

Thanks to the generosity of our WHS parents and PTSA our science program keeps getting better

Physics equipment (prices include 18% for tax and shipping) I know these are expensive, but this is my wish list.

General classroom supplies

Physics Club

Physics club sponsors the robotics team which competes in several competitions each year. Costs are extremely high and range from $2000 for a bare minimum to $4000 for a properly run team. We are always looking for donations and corporate sponsorship. If you or someone you know can help, please let me know. No donation is too small (or too big for that matter).


There are some companies that will match donated funds if they go through the Warrior Wishes program set up by the PTSA. Please check with your company before donating. I am aware that Amgen and Bank of America both offer this program, but other companies may as well.


Guest speakers

I am always looking for a guest speaker who can discuss science/physics careers and opportunities